Get in. Get items. Get out.

Have your Sword* ready and your mouse finger steady!

* Sword of the Spirit - the Word of God (see Eph 6:17)

An exciting Christian game from the creator of Team R.H.I.N.O. Zone and ArmoQuest.

Help the team on various quests to find and recover treasures, captives, and more!

Avoid the hazards and find your way out of the maze-like buildings, castles, pyramids,
frozen fortresses, gardens and more.

Be careful not to get frozen in the icy waters, or trapped by the huge boulders, or stung by the giant scorpions!

A fun and challenging game that allows you to learn Bible verses along the way!

Receive a free Be a R.H.I.N.O. or (IC) - ICanInChrist wristband

for completing a Bible Verse Maze Quest!
For a limited time. Limited to one band per person, per quest.

Winners are posted HERE.

Select your quest from the choices below.